Who Smokes Menthol?

19 Jul, 2015

Menthol flavoring in tobacco continues to fuel intense debate because of its appeal to adolescents and due to the tobacco industry’s deliberate targeting of African American population with menthol cigarettes in 1960s. 

The graph below uses data from the Current Population Survey (Tobacco Supplement) by the US Census. The survey included the question on menthol smoking from 2008 to 2010.

As noted in the visual, a disproportionate number of Black individuals smoke menthol, rather than regular, cigarettes when compared with members of other races. Nearly 80 percent of Black female respondents in the survey who smoked stated they smoked menthols.

Among all races, more females than males smoke menthol cigarettes.

Figure 1: Analysis of the Current Population Survey –Tobacco Supplement (US Census)

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