Poverty and Women’s Health

03 Jul, 2015

Health measures such as Obesity, Diabetes, and Life expectancy show a strong socioeconomic gradient, with lower income/education associated with significantly worse outcomes. This analysis investigates the differential impact of higher socioeconomic status on Obesity rates for Men vs. Women. As seen in various graphs, the impact of higher income/education is significantly stronger for females. The patterns are consistent across all races, geographies, and other demographic controls.

The analysis uses data from the BRFSS survey at CDC. BRFSS is world’s largest survey and a premium source for chronic health conditions and health-related risk behaviors in the US.  The visuals below use pooled data files from years 2006 – 2010, with a total sample size of over 1.5 million households across the US. 


Figure 1: Summary Statistics. Use “Pick Demographic” dropdown and/or Filters to see Obesity Rates by demographic groups


Figure 2: Demographic Interactions (Pick demographic on top & bottom axis)


Figure 3:

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