Substance Abuse
Drug Overdose Deaths

Despite the sharp increase in deaths resulting from illicit drug abuse in recent years, overdoses from prescription drugs still claim the lives of many more Americans.

18 Jul, 2015
Binge Drinking

Drinking rates increase monotonically with education for all races and gender--exact opposite patterns are observed for "Binge Drinking"

08 Jul, 2015
Church Attendance & Marijuana Usage

Weekly church attendance is associated with lower tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana usage among US high school students

08 Jul, 2015
Firearm Mortality

While gun violence frequently appears in the news, the absence of coverage of typical firearm homicides downplays regularity of gun-related fatalities, particularly among black Americans.

03 Jul, 2015
Public Opinion on Gun Control

Although enshrined in the national Constitution, in light of the steady stream of recent shooting sprees, gun rights increasingly receive scrutiny.

03 Jul, 2015
Gun Ownership

The discrepancy in rate of gun ownership based on ideology and politics is growing, and is more pronounced at higher income levels.

08 Jul, 2015
Who Smokes Menthol?

Compared to individuals of other races, African Americans who use cigarettes smoke products with menthol much more.

19 Jul, 2015
Race-Gender Differences in Smoking

Prevalence of women smoking compared to men is significantly lower among the Black and Hispanic populations.

03 Jul, 2015
Gender Equality & Smoking

Western nations--particularly those with the most gender equality--also exhibit higher women-to-men smoking ratios.

03 Jul, 2015
Will a Fat Tax Work?

This article provides strong evidence that a selective taxation mechanism offers an effective health policy tool in the efforts to control obesity.

03 Jul, 2015
Poverty and Women’s Health

The impact of higher socioeconomic status (Income/education) on Obesity is significantly stronger for females than males.

03 Jul, 2015
Trends in Obesity

The rate of obesity decreases significantly across all races and geographic regions as education level increases, particularly for women.

08 Jul, 2015